Script Powershell – Report farm Hyper-V

HyperV_logoMi occorreva uno script che restituisse lo stato dei volumi configurati in un cluster Hyper-V.

Mi sono imbattuto in questo simpatico script che oltre a fare quello che cercavo, invia tramite e-mail un report dettagliato in HTML sulla farm Hyper-V.
Tra le varie voci del report:

VM Name
Integration Component Version
Clustered or Not
No of vProcessors
StartUp Memory
Minimum Memory
Maximum Memory
Average Memory (If Resource Metering is enabled)
vDisk1-Storage (CSV Volume or Local Drive Letter)
VHDX – Disk 1 – Allocated Size
VHDX – Disk 1 – Actual Usage
Disk Fragmentation
vDisk2-Storage (CSV Volume or Local Drive Letter)
VHDX – Disk 2 – Allocated Size
VHDX – Disk 2 – Actual Usage
Disk Fragmentation
Type of Disk – VHD or VHDX
vNIC – Legacy or Synthetic
Date – First Snapshot created

Screenshot: Storage Report


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